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Hitting goals

Ingenjör4.0 in numbers

In Laboratory Scientist Wearing Virtual Reality Headset Sitting In A Chair Interacting With Futuristic Holographic Interface, Displays Neurological Data.


Upskilling for future manufacturing

The fast digitalisation of the industry creates new opportunities and increased competitiveness. But it also brings new demands on skills and knowledge among the professionals. Ingenjör4.0 is a unique, module based upskilling program developed in cooperation by 13 Swedish Universities.

Skills development and life-long learning are one of the biggest challenges for the Swedish industry and its employees. Ingenjör4.0 enables a unique, innovative, large-scale, and life-long learning for professionals in the industry. The upskilling program is a direct response to identifies skills gaps in Sweden. The initiative will increase the competitiveness of the Swedish industry and strengthens Sweden’s role as an international innovation and digitalisation leader.

Ingenjör4.0 was initiated by The Swedish Production Academy within the strategic innovation programme Produktion2030. Since the start in 2020, engineers from companies like Volvo, SKF, and AFRY have started their upskilling journey with Ingenjör4.0.

What our learners say

Why Ingenjör4.0?


Ingenjör4.0 offers

Quality-assured reskilling education to meet the fourth industrial revolution adapted to local industry needs

Modules within 15 comprehensive learning areas
A certificate and a digital credential (Credly badge) are awarded for each completed module. A summary certificate of all completed modules is awarded upon request.

Education that supports active learning

Follows clear learning paths
Includes a variety of learning activities, such as self-tests, reflections, video lectures and webinars
Interaction with other participants from different companies and teachers from Swedish top universities

Education to be combined with everyday work

Requires about 4 hours per week over 5 weeks to complete
Spent in most parts at the learner’s convenience
Easy access through a web-based learning platform

Education quality-assured

Led by prominent teachers from Swedish Universities
Module evaluations that capture suggestions for further improvements