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June 4, 2024

What our students say – Suncana Bandalo

It was very well composed

Suncana Bandalo, Production Engineer at Seco Tools

Suncana Bandalo, Production Engineer at Seco Tools, has studied the module Introduction to Additive Manufacturing. This is her thought on the module.

The module gave a very good introduction to Additive Manufacturing, at least for me who had no insight in AM before the course. We had interesting discussions during the webinars. The recorded lectures were at a good level and speed. A lot of interesting extra material as well as thought-provoking questionnaires after each chapter. It was very well composed.

I have tried to apply my new knowledge in my daily work but the idea I had didn’t not pan out well. I am, however, confident that there will be more possibilities in the future.

I have already recommended the module to my colleagues. The coming semester I am hoping to be able to take the Introduction to Sustainable Production Systems and Introduction to Industry 4.0 modules.


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