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Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robots

This learning area provides the knowledge regarding automation systems and robots

This learning area aims to provide knowledge of automation systems and robots at different levels.

The first module provides a fundamental introduction to Automation and Robots. It answers the question of ‘What are automation and robots?’, which is suitable for participants who do not have much experience with automation and robots.

The second module introduces Evaluation Methods of Deploying Robot and Automation Tools. It answers the question of “If a robot and automation system should be used in my area?

The third module introduces Novel Approaches of Using Robot in Production and Logistic Systems. It answers the question of ‘How does the robot system work through academic and industrial examples?

The second and third modules are suitable for participants with deep knowledge and much experience with robot systems already.

Available modules
Learning outcome
Describe the features of different generation of Automation systems, from Industry 1.0 to 4.0.
Perform basic robot programming via the online platform in python language.
Describe the important enabling technologies from the industry 4.0’s perspective.
Make suggestions and improvements in the current working environments, based on the robotic and other industry 4.0 technologies.
Understand the reasons for implementing, evaluating, testing, and deploying automation.
Apply existing frameworks about the deployment of robots and automation.
Analyze the process of deploying and maintaining robots and automation in manufacturing.
Evaluate the challenge of implementing robots and automation in manufacturing.
Understand the role and potential of autonomous robots in industrial settings in production systems.
Analyze real-world examples of autonomous robot applications, gaining insights into successful implementation strategies.
Apply learnings to develop innovative, practical autonomous robot solutions tailored to your own industrial context.
Foster increased efficiency and growth in your organization through the effective deployment of these robotic technologies.
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