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Global Production and Digital Supply Chains

Global Production and Digital Supply Chains

This learning area concerns global production network design and digital supply chains

The design of the global production network is increasingly important in response to e g competitiveness, market presence, resilience and sustainability. Digital supply chains is also a vital components of the interconnected and fast-paced business landscape.

Technological advancements and the digital systems integrations have enabled companies to produce goods and coordinate materials and information flow across the globe.

Digital supply chains leverage on technologies such as IoT, AI, blockchain, and data analytics to enhance visibility, develop resilience, and sustainability throughout the entire supply chain network.

This allows organizations to swiftly react to market demands, mitigate disruptions, and capitalize on opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Through digital transformation, organizations can unlock new levels of collaboration, sustainability, productivity and innovation, eventually redefining production, distribution, and consumption on a global scale.

Available modules
Learning outcome
Define and describe supply chain management using a standard framework, as well as its relationships to manufacturing networks and manufacturing plants.
Explain the role of globalization and the rationale of global versus local supply chains, as well as reshoring and backshoring.
Describe different digitalization tools and techniques and underlying technologies for supply chain integration, as well as a transparent and seamless information flow.
Describe different digitalization tools and techniques and underlying technologies for intra-site production logistics.
Describe the impacts in terms of transparency, resilience and sustainability, from digitalization in a producing company’s internal as well as external logistics system.
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