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Sustainable Product Systems

Sustainable Product Systems

This area provide you with modules that support you in developing sustainable product systems

The area Sustainable Product Systems contain three modules about how product systems can be developed with a sustainability perspective. It is preferable to start with the introduction to sustainable product systems and then studey the other two modules. The modules includes how to perform environmental evaluations, how to design products for circularity and sustainability, how to deal with critical raw materials and how physical products can be servitized and changing companies business models to sell Prodcuts as a Service (PaaS) rather than the product itself.

Available modules
Learning outcome
Describe and give examples of environmental aspects and UN’s SDGs that are most relevant to address for Lifecycle management of Product Systems, and give examples on appropriate actions.
Have insights into tools and methods, including design guidelines, for sustainable product development and development of products for a circular economy.
Be able to describe how theoretical insights can be applied in each participants’ own organizations.
Describe the main features of a CRM and critical components.
Have knowledge and insight of the user areas, geographical key points and sustainability aspects of several CRMs and critical components.
Exhibit an understanding of how to handle CRMs and critical components in product development.
Understand the challenges for recycling of CRMs.
Describe different geopolitical aspects and ethical issues related to CRM and critical components.
Provide understanding on how technology and policies can support the sustainable use of CRMs.
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