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Design for Additive Manufacturing
Module developed by ingenjör4.0

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Starting date: 2024-10-14
Price: 1 995 SEK ex. vat

This module focuses on part preparations and design considerations for Additive Manufacturing.


The module focuses on establishing knowledge of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes from a design perspective, that is, how to design AM for a specific application and when to choose AM as a manufacturing method. The module covers a wide range of topics involving the basics of design for AM, materials selection, and 3D scanning for reverse engineering, as well as practical exercises on design for AM. The module also includes a demonstration of 3D printer slicing software and 3D scanning techniques.

The schedule
Starting date: October 14
October 21, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CEST — 1st Webinar
November 11, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET — 2nd Webinar
November 15, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET — 3rd Webinar
Learning objectives
Demonstrate basic skills with respect to part preparations including material selection, design of support structures, part orientation, and general design considerations for polymer and metal Additive Manufacturing.
Exhibit an understanding of various AM process settings and related slicing software for polymer AM.
Demonstrate an understanding of the file conversion process for AM and 3D scanning methods for reverse engineering.
Demonstrate the skills on when and how to select an AM process for a specific application.
Module structure
This module begins with an introductory module describing the design for Additive Manufacturing where the basics of geometrical design considerations, part preparations, selection of materials specific to applications, and design of support structures are briefly described for metal and polymer materials. It is followed by a tutorial on how to design for the polymer AM process using open-source slicing software. Furthermore, an overview of various 3D scanning technologies for AM and the concept of reverse engineering are described.
The AM module is based on a set of recorded lectures supported by additional videos and self-study materials, along with recommended references, quizzes, and reflection assignments. The module is also designed to include webinars for live interactions with tutors encouraging discussions, and Q&As.
Targeted participants
  • Engineers with an industrial background
  • Management and marketing personnel
  • Anyone interested in additive manufacturing
Time commitment

To complete this module, the participant is expected to schedule approximately 4 hours per week over 5 weeks (20 hours in total).


Please note that a minimum of 10 participants is required for the module to start.

After applying to the program, please secure dates in your calendar to be able to join planned webinars and assure time available required for learning.

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