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Digitalization of Industrial Processes
Module developed by ingenjör4.0

Digitalization of Industrial Processes

Status: Ongoing
Next Round: Autumn 2024
Price: 1 995 SEK ex. vat

This module covers concepts and approaches toward the digital transformation of the industry

This module covers aspects of digital transformation of the industrial processes. It includes signal processing for process monitoring, Machine Learning approaches for data analysis and process prediction, and a set of solutions for industrial automatic control.
The schedule
TBD — 1st Webinar – “Module kick-off”
TBD — 2nd Webinar
TBD — 3rd Webinar
TBD — 4th Webinar
TBD — 5th Webinar
Next round: Autumn 2024
TBD — 1st Webinar – “Module kick-off”
TBD — 2nd Webinar
TBD — 3rd Webinar
TBD — 4th Webinar
TBD — 5th Webinar
Learning objectives
Obtain understanding of Digitalization concepts of Industrial Processes.
Obtain knowledge in pricioles of Signal Processing for Process Monitoring related to manufacturing processes.
Achieve knowledge of realization of automatic quality control for industrial applications.
Module structure

The module is a mixture of self-study, webinars, and cross-company exercises.

Targeted participants
  • The module does not require certain qualification.
  • It is recommended to have general knowledge of digital transformation such as Smart Manufacturing and Engineering 4.0.
Time commitment

To complete this module, the participant is expected to schedule approximately 4 hours per week over 5 weeks (20 hours in total).


Please note that a minimum of 10 participants is required for the module to start.

After applying to the program, please secure dates in your calendar to be able to join planned webinars and assure time available required for learning.

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