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Connectivity, 5G, and Cloud Communication

Connectivity, 5G, and Cloud Communication

Learn how 5G empowers manufacturing with reliable, efficient, and innovative connectivity.

This learning area focuses on explaining the capabilities of 5G as a connectivity solution that can support manufacturing and demonstrate examples of how 5G can be applied in a manufacturing context. 5G promises to be a key enabler for Factories of the Future. The manufacturing industries require support from the 5G community, in particular for: (1) a highly reliable wireless communication to integrate mobile robots, AGVs, etc. into the closed loop control processes, (2) a seamless experience while using hybrid wireless and wired network technologies with a cost-effective management of the network that unifies the connected assets of a factory, and(3) innovations inside the network to offer networked services. 5G technologies will play a key role as a unifying platform that supports all communication scenarios and offers mobility-features and seamless service experience. This module aims to describe how 5G can enable an adaptive information system in an Industry 4.0 environment and to practically and theoretically enable.

Use case families identified for 5G in manufacturing:

  • Time-critical process optimization inside factory to support zero-defect manufacturing, increased efficiencies, worker satisfaction and safety.
  • Non time-critical optimizations inside factory to realize increased flexibility and eco sustainability, and to increase operational efficiency.
  • Given the harsh and metalized industrial environments, indoor coverage and high availability are key requirements.
  • Remote maintenance and control optimizing the cost of operation while increasing uptime.
    Seamless intra-/inter-enterprise communication, allowing the monitoring of assets distributed in larger areas, the efficient coordination of cross value chain activities and the optimization of logistic flows.
  • Connected goods, to facilitate the creation of new value-added services and the optimization computer aided design driven by real-time data, collected during the complete lifetime of a product.
Available modules
Learning outcome
Understand 5G technology related to production.
Understand the maturity index related to Industry 4.0 and connectivity (5G).
Create 5G scenarios related to Industry 4.0.
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