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Management of Manufacturing Digitalization

Management of Manufacturing Digitalization

This learning area enables managerial aspects of digitalization in manufacturing

The module area aims at providing a deeper understanding on managerial aspects surrounding development and implementation of digital technologies in manufacturing both in short and long term. It covers three focus areas: increased digitalization in existing manufacturing, production innovation, as well as industrial transition enabled by digitalization

Available modules
Learning outcome
Provide a deeper understanding of managing development and implementation of digital technology.
Discuss the effects of implementing manufacturing digitalization, both in the short term and in the long-term perspective, including sustainable production environment aspects.
Provide a comprehensive understanding of innovation in the manufacturing context.
Explore various methods and approaches for driving improvement in manufacturing, including organizational. learning practices and continuous improvement.
Discuss the role of production innovation in digitalization strategies, such as leveraging new production technologies and optimizing processes for increased productivity, cost reduction, and sustainable production.
Explain the concept of twin transition which involves the simultaneous transformation of industry with digitalisation towards sustainability.
Discuss business model ideas that promote circularity in the context of digitalisation.
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