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March 1, 2024

Come and meet Ingenjör4.0 at Underhållsmässan in Gothenburg

Underhållsmässan, the Maintenance Fair, takes place on 12–15 March at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Gothenburg.

The event is a meeting place for actors throughout the operations and maintenance industry, and offers opportunities for trendspotting and discovering the latest technologies within the sector. And of course Ingenjör4.0 will be there, with lab equipment and exciting workshops.

VR, AI and the fourth Industrial Revolution

This year, the fair focuses on the fourth Industrial Revolution, digitalisation, security and sustainable, data-driven ways of working. Entrance is free and there will be many exhibitors on site.

It will be really fun to meet the wide range of industry people at the fair. We’ll have a stand with various types of lab equipment, which I hope lots of people will come and try out. We’ll also be running workshops on VR and AI, and our researchers will be happy to share their knowledge and discuss how the new technologies can create added value for a new production line. Manufacturing and smart maintenance are also topics we’ll be highlighting at the fair – and we’ll be offering courses on these subjects too.

Bengt-Göran Rosén, programme manager for the Ingenjör4.0 initiative

Ingenjör4.0 gives you opportunities to top up your knowledge

Ingenjör4.0 is an upskilling programme developed with thirteen universities. It is aimed at professional people with engineering backgrounds or long experience of working in the industry.

This unique initiative has brought together the whole of Swedish academia. Many engineers, technicians and system developers have undergone academic training and then worked for many years. Ingenjör4.0 offers the opportunity for universities to help them top up their knowledge with the latest cutting-edge research in digitalised production. We know that many people want to learn more, for example about AI, database management, visualisation technologies, sustainability and humans – and now that’s possible. Ingenjör4.0 enables an entire professional group to continue expanding their skills, and that’s amazing.

Bengt-Göran Rosén, programme manager for the Ingenjör4.0 initiative

Studies in formats that can be combined with work

Ingenjör4.0 creates a natural way for working engineers to take on new knowledge. By offering training that can be combined with everyday working life, individuals or the whole team can gain further training. Ingenjör 4.0 currently offers around 30 short, 20-hour modules within 15 up-to-the-minute areas. The modules are online-based, interactive and offer the opportunity for discussions and contact with teachers and other participants.

We’re looking forward to Underhållsmässan because we believe many visitors can gain great benefits from the possibilities offered by Ingenjör4.0. We’ll be presenting our range of modules – and of course we’d love to hear suggestions for others we can develop. Because we have access to professors, researchers and the most experienced people in a range of areas, we can constantly expand the type of training the industry needs,

Bengt-Göran Rosén, programme manager for the Ingenjör4.0 initiative

You can order an entrance ticket for Underhållsmässan → here.
We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at the Ingenjör4.0 stand, E04:32!

If you’re curious about operator training in VR, you can also → register for our workshop, which will be held at the fair, at 10.00-11.00 on 15 March. The number of places is limited.


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